Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Malai Kulfi......


The best Kulfi I ever tasted was from the little Kulfi shop outside my college. One Kulfi or may be two to beat the heat did wonders….As soon as we would get out of the college we would walk up to the already overcrowded shop for The Kulfi of the day. When we would be waiting for our bus we would still be gulping down the kulfis.

One day we bunked a boring lecture for a surprise kulfi party…..a feast of 2 or 3 kulfis per person….ummm sweet memories…..Sometimes we would sit in college garden chit chatting…our mouths constantly chattering only taking a break to bite the melting kulfi in our hands….. Whatever the occasion whether it my friend topping the class, or a birthday or the college day we would certainly treat ourselves with a Kulfi……

When I first made kulfi at home it was a big mess….the kulfi dint hold its shape and watered down soon…So I used some cornflour the next time they were made and my kulfis came out just fine…..


Boiled milk-11/2 cups
Milk powder-1 cup
Saffron-few strands
Cornflour-11/2 tbsp
Sugar-4 tbsp or more
Cardamom-a pinch
Amul cream-11/2 cup
Almonds-1 cup


Take cornflour and dilute it with water (3 tbsp or more)and keep aside.
Heat  milk. When bubbles come in the sides add milk powder, saffron strands, sugar cardamom. Mix.
Add corn flour and boil milk mixture.
Once milk boils and bubbles up switch off gas and whisk. While mixture is still hot add cream and stir . Add badam also and stir.
Cool to room temperature and pour in moulds. Refrigerate for 7-8 hours or overnight.
Insert ice-cream sticks or toothpicks  and  gently tap the  kulfi moulds on a plate, after 5 minutes of taking the moulds out of the refrigerator. You can also use a knife to detach the kulfi from its mould.
Serve cold.

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