Friday, January 18, 2013

Carrot Mousse

Balumama(Uncle) and Bindu ammayi(aunt) came home today. So I wanted to make something special for lunch. What should I make for Lunch today? I had recently seen a recipe for Carrot Mousse  and I had been wanting to try it out for some time. The Carrot Mousse in the recipe corner of  the magazine looked  so very enticing…orange creamy Mousse dressed around a juicy rasgulla….I decided I would try it out soon…may  be tomorrow itself or this weekend for sure….But tomorrow became day after tomorrow and  so on…somehow I never got to making it….So when Balumama came I decided to make him some Carrot Mousse for dessert .I was making the Mousse for the first time….so I hesitated …After lot of pondering I decided to go ahead with the recipe.

Made with carrots that give it its wonderful orange colour speckled with the white of rasgullas it edible to eyeballs and hence a good excuse to make children eat some Vitamin C’s and Vitamin A’s without the story telling and coaxing….

I diligently followed the recipe  and as soon as the pudding was done I transferred it to small glass bowls each with a rasgulla inside. I had initially decided to try making the rasgullas too. But I fell short of time and had to rely on a small tin of store brought Haldiram’s  rasgulla’s.

Carrot Puree- 1Cup
Orange Juice-1 cup
Sugar-1 cup
Whipped cream-1 cup
Gelatin powder-20gms
Rose water-1/2 tsp

Mix gelatin in orange juice and keep aside to bloom.
Whip cream to soft peaks. Add sugar and whip more
In a saucepan add ¼ th of the carrot puree and mix the gelatin to it. Heat it.
Add the remaining carrot puree .Mix and keep aside to cool.
Fold whipped cream into the above batter. Add the rosewater. Mix
Put one rasgulla each into every glass bowl. Pour mousse batter over it and place in the freezer for half an hour. Serve upturned on a glass plate.

My uncle as always had a good word for me after tasting my newly made carrot Mousse.  The rasgullas were a bit too big for my glass bowls…but when I ate a spoonful of the Mousse dipped rasgulla , I was happy I decided to make it.