Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Corn and Capsicum Kebabs

I love anything fried…I indulge myself in tikkis and kebabs and eat 3-4 in one go….recklessly…

I am always in search of new recipes for kebabs/tikkis and make sure I make them if I find one….The corn and capsicum tikkis was one experiment among many……
So one more starter to the list…..well a nice one too….capsicum and corn go well together by colour and by taste…the sweetness of corn kernels supplemented by spice of green chillies make the dish a good appetizer.

Well I shallow  fried the kebabs but you can fry them too….which can be kind of risky as the kebabs may break away while frying….here is the recipe for those lovely looking kebabs…


Corn kernels-2 cups
Salt to taste(2 tsp)
Capsicum-4 tbsp chopped into small pieces
Green chilli-3 chopped
Rice flour/corn flour-2 tbsp. or more


Coarsely grind corn kernels
Add salt, capsicum, green chilli, flour and mix.
Make into balls and fry or shallow fry.


You may add red chilli powder and coriander leaves to above