Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Strawberry Jelly Parfait

I was very happy with the photos I clicked this time…….My Kodak skills finally seem to be improving.Now that’s a warning before you read this post and the one after that. You’ll see a lot of photos below.…My husband Satish who loves photography always complained about my abovementioned skills….now he can give me a pat on my back….for the improvement  , though there is much much more scope for it in the days to come.

Blogging slowly led me to explore two new agendas-cooking and photography……it keeps me thinking….How to click the snaps? What to write and the most important what to cook? It lets you create, capture and confabulate , showcase your creation to the entire world in the WWW(World wide web)…the recipe may be borrowed but you made it,you clicked the photos, the experience is  yours.

Coming back to the post, I had some whipped topping kept away in my fridge and I was pondering what I should do with so much of cream. Of course Google and The Internet are my best buddies when I don’t know what to do with something….Type and hit the search button and there you are with a set of unlimited options. So I did the same thing about my whipped topping dilemma…and there it was the…Jelly strawberry parfait… my post for today

I found the recipe easy and innovative…and I was happy it put my whipped cream to good use. Besides it used jelly as an ingredient which my mother loves, whatever the flavour.

I did the whole recipe in instalments….taking time off to play around and chit chat with Aniket(my son).But the recipe is actually takes very little time and energy. Something you can make at short notice with its wobbly jelly layer topped with soothing whipped cream-A good looking dessert.
As soon as I was done with preparation I transferred jelly and once it was set, the cream into some flat bottomed ice cream glasses and they went into the refrigerator. But I realised  had more cream left…So I made my own recipe and that’s the next post…..

In the meantime enjoy the Jelly Strawberry Parfait-:

Bush strawberry jelly powder- 1 packet
Sugar-1/2 cup or more+ 1 cup or more for whip topping
Strawberry -1/4 cup sliced and cubed
Whip topping -2 cups

Prepare jelly as per instructions on the packet (take 3 1/2 cups of water. Boil half of the water. Add jelly powder. Stir. Mix the other half part of water. Add sugar. Stir well).Set aside to cool.
After jelly is cooled, chill jelly until slightly thickened but still watery.
Set aside ¼ of the jelly mix for folding  whip topping into it.
Sprinkle powdered sugar (2 tsp.) on sliced strawberry pieces. Add it to the rest of the jelly. Spoon into serving glass till half of the glass is filled and chill until it is set.
In the meantime whip cream. Powder 1 cup of sugar and add to cream. Whip until soft peaks are formed. Fold into ¼ cup jelly and set aside.
Spoon whip topping mixture into glasses of set jelly.
Garnish with strawberries and serve cold.

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