Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sweetened Rice balls….Ariunda

Made Ariundas (Rice balls) today. I was really excited to make it. Since I started blogging recently this was going to be my very first entry into blogger events and of course because ari unda as we call it in kerala always brought back fond fond memories of childhood.

Whenever I visited my maternal home –Karukaputhur (A small village in Kerala) my grandmother would be ready with a jar full of these Ariundas .We were a big band wagon of cousins from different parts of the country, all geared up to make the most of our 2 months of summer holidays, ready to feast on the Ela Adas(a sweet made with  rice powder, jaggery and coconut steamed in plantain leaves) and ariundas my grandmother would diligently make every summer, on our home coming.

I remember my mother and her sisters would sit around talking, simultaneously making ariundas on large scale. Did’nt they have to feed the band wagon a good tea time snack? That too with hot tea made from fresh cow’s milk. When tea was served we wouldn’t waste a minute to pounce on a neatly arranged set of firm, round ariundas happily sitting on the table.

Back home in Cochin, my mother would religiously follow my grandmom’s recipe and make me some more ariundas at my fervent request. Even before the rounds were made I would start feeding myself some spoonfuls of the mixture till my mother warned me and send me out of the kitchen. So when Gayatri posted the blogger’s event, I had no second thoughts. Ariunda It had to be. Quoting her-this was about   cooking a dish which  brought memories of childhood that you took for granted when your mom prepared, and the event is called A walk through memory lane.

I asked my mom for her recipe.. and made the ariundas too. The actual recipe included cardamoms in it but my mother dislikes the taste of cardamom in her rice balls. So I made mine without them .Here goes my recipe:-
Rice-4 cups (Matta rice/ Red Kuthari /Par Boiled Rice)
Jaggery-21/2-3 1/2cups depending upon how sweet you want it to be
Grated coconut-21/2 cups

Wash the rice and strain.
In a thick bottomed vessel roast the rice in small portions at a time, in medium flame till the rice pops up and turns white. It should crack easily and be brittle.
When done cool the rice and grind it to a fine powder.
Grind the grated coconut first. Then add jaggery and grind for about 2 minutes.
Add the roasted rice powder in small portions to above mix and grind till all the ingredients are mixed well.
Make into balls and serve.
You may add cardamom to above if you prefer so.


Sending this off to Gayathri's  Walk through memory lane


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