Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Coconut Pudding

Yesterday my mother’s friend came home…I call her S aunty.it being new year’s eve, she and some  other friends wanted to have a small get together  .We decided we would each get a dish or two and meet up at my mother’s friend ‘s place. Quick Phone calls and the menu was decided. I decided to make Ghee rice, Vegetable Kurma and Coconut Pudding.
It was a hectic day. For starters I realised that my pantry was under stocked. I did not have all the vegetables required to make the kurma and my stock of basmati rice was depleting….So I put Aniket to sleep and hopped over to a nearby supermarket. When I came back home Aniket had got up. He got inquisitive the moment he saw me with all the bags. Did it have any goodies for him or not?Good question.He decided to find out for himself .He pulled out the bags kept on top of the table found a packet of biscuits and asked me to open it for him.

 Finally I started  to cook. First I made the pudding, then the ghee rice and the kurma came last .Of course I took intermittent intervals to stop Aniket from unpacking the bags I got ,pulling this and that and generally messing up my already messed up kitchen. His loves playing around with kitchen vessels and plastic containers .So he just put this fascination to good use, brought down all the vessels pretending to cook with me.
All the dishes came out well….but the pudding took the limelight…I caramelised the nuts but couldn’t find our little kitchen pestle so I had to break it with the back of a spoon…and they didn’t look crumbly like praline.

I got nice juicy coconuts today…I scraped out only the white part without the brown flakes because that makes tastier Coconut pudding. You can see the recipe below-:
Milk-500 ml(boiled)
Coconut-1 grated
Sugar-8-10tbsp or more
Condensed milk-1 tin
Vanilla essence-1 drop
 Grind the coconut in a blender to strain out thick coconut milk. Keep it aside. Grind it again with little water and strain thin coconut milk. Mix thin coconut milk, 1 tin condensed milk and milk .Heat it. Add required sugar. Then add thick coconut milk. Boil. Add sugar if required again. Add water to gelatin just enough to soak it. Then double boil it or add hot water to it to dilute . Add gelatin to milk mixture. Stir for some time. Add the essence. Give a good stir. Allow to cool. Refrigerate( at least for 5 hours). Serve with praline.
Make sure you use only white part of coconut without the brown flakes
Sugar can be increased accordingly.
Verdict: My mom’s friends loved it….Even my mother who dislikes condensed milk lovd it…She asked me to make more…. and  surely I will….


  1. Thx for sharing. Can you tell me how much is coconut milk?

    Thx once again

    1. Hello

      Coconut milk of 1 medium sized coconut-1 and 1/2 cups of the thick coconut milk and 2 to 2 and 1/2 cups of the thin coconut milk.....