Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Dulce De Leche Verrine

Anything made with Dulce De Leche is out of the world....I would call it caramelized condensed milk and it makes some wonderful desserts like the one below-.

                                                                                                                                                                                              This dessert is a heavy one....a real heavy one on your tummy....I had one glass and skipped my dinner instead.....I have used sponge cake as the 1st layer.....I had homemade sponge cake sitting in my pantry so I used up the spongecake instead of buying it from outside......

So  that's another dessert rich and creamy and easy to make.....hope you enjoy savouring it............


Layer 1
Sponge Cake-1 small.

Layer 2
Condensed Milk-1tin
Milk-3-4 cups
Sugar-1/4 cup
Fresh cream-1 small pack(Amul Cream)250 ml
Vanilla Essence- a few drops
Gelatin-1/4 cup or more

Layer 3
Whip cream powder-1cup
Cold water/Milk- As needed
Vanilla essence-a few drops
Colour- a few drops



You can see the recipe for Layer 1-Sponge cake here.

Layer 2

Dulce De Leche

In a pressure cooker place condensed milk tin and fill water till the can is fully immersed.

Close pressure cooker and cook on medium flame with weight on.After 1
st whistle reduce flame to low and cook for 45 minutes.

Allow cooker to cool and take out the can.Allow the can to cool and open it.Toffee like semi solid is 
Dulce de leche.

Take a thick bottomed pan and mix milk,dulce de leche,essence,cream and sugar.Bring to boil.

Bloom gelatin and add slowly to the mixture.Mix and cook well till slightly thick.
Allow to cool.Pour over 1st layer and refrigerate.

 Layer 3

Mix whip powder with milk/ water as required.Add vanilla essence also.In case you are using whip
cream whip with little sugar to soft peaks.

Serve dessert by layering whip cream over top of second layer .You can add praline also while serving.

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