Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sweet Corn Veg Soup

 I always wanted to make Sweet Corn Veg soup at home.....I had this wonderful recipe in my bookmarked recipes for long....but the making part was always pending....

So today finally I geared up and got ready to make the soup.....and it tasted restaurant style and perfect....So another soup recipe for you then

The Sweet corn veg soup is really rich as it contains a lot of assorted vegetables like carrot and cabbage and corn that adds one more soup to my list of wonderful soups to start with.


Vegetable stock-4cups
Carrots chopped-2 tbsp(small cubes)
Cabbage- 2 tbsp
Sweet corn kernels-2 tbsp
Cream style sweet corn-3  tbsp
Sugar-1/4-1/2 tsp
Beans-2 finely chopped(i dint use)
Cornflour-11/2 tbsp
Spring onion greens-1 stalk chopped
Pepper to taste(white pepper is used.I used black pepper)


Bring to boil vegetable stock.Reduce flame.. Add carrots, cabbage, beans, corn kernels, cream style corn and allow to  cook well.
Add salt
Add pepper to a ladle of soup and mix well ,then pour it over the rest of the soup and mix well.
Mix cornflour in little water and pour.Stir well and cook.

Chop spring onion greens and add .give a good stir.Switch off flame.Serve hot


You can also parboil cabbage,carrots and beans and add  instead of adding directly to vegetable stock.

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