Thursday, July 25, 2013


I got some plums from the fruit shop just like that. Actually I thought Aniket my son would love them. But they turned out to be slightly sour, maybe not ripe as yet. He actually loved the big juicy plums we used to get him when we visited London last year. So I waited with patience …till they ripened. When they finally did my son Aniket dint like them all that much. I would carefully remove the seed and give him a plateful of plums…..he would eat one  then squish the rest of them into a pulpy mass of fruit sauce…..A two year old toddlers easy  messy tip  to make plum sauce ?Hump….I would go crazy….not to mention about the cleaning up……

So I decided to put my plums to good use….I had seen the recipe for Gary Rhodes Cherry Clafoutis…

Why not substitute the cherry for plums? A few minutes on the net revealed there were innumerable recipes for plum clafoutis too….So my plums went into the baking dish and the batter was ready in minutes .I then spread the batter over my sugar coated plums and send them to bake in my oven and soon I was ready with a batch of warm plum scented clafoutis…
This time Aniket changed his stance. I had put him to sleep just before I started making the clafoutis and he got up just in time to see The bowl of yummy dessert I had baked for him in such a short time….I topped up the bowl with a generous scoop of vanilla whipped cream…. he was quite pleased with the dessert….he asked for more…. I took a large spoonful of the lovely dessert loaded with the sweetness  of plums and the  richness of cream for him once again… this time un accompanied by his usual squish squash session.

So what is a clafouti?  It is a baked French dessert of black cherries arranged in a buttered dish and covered with a thick flan-like batter… quotes the Wikipedia …Well something in between a cake and custard as I would put it.  

      When other kinds of fruit are used instead of cherries, the dish is properly called    a flaugnarde.                                                                                                                              Variations  are red cherries, plums,prunes, apples, cranberries or blackberries.  The clafoutis is dusted with powdered sugar and served lukewarm …………You can serve it with crème fraiche or even vanilla ice-cream. I served my clafouti with a big dollop of vanilla whipped cream… and I must say it was bowl full of absolute delight.

 For the Clafoutis
Eggs- 2
Caster  sugar-75 gms plus extra for dusting and coating plums
Double cream or crème fraiche-100 ml
Milk-100 ml
Butter -1 tbsp plus extra for greasing
Granulated sugar-1 tbsp
Plums deseeded-15 nos

For Vanilla whipped cream
Double cream-150 ml
Castor sugar-25 gm
Vanilla essence- A little


For  Clafoutis
Deseed the plums.In a non-stick pan take 1 tbsp of butter and let it melt.
When the butter bubbles add the plums and cook until the plums are softened and coated with butter for about 2 minutes.
Spread one tablespoon of granulated sugar (or more) over the plums and cook until sugar turns into a syrup and coats the plums.
Whisk the eggs and sugar. Sift in the flour and whisk well.
Stir in the milk and cream and leave to rest for 10 minutes
Butter a baking dish and sprinkle with sugar to coat. Scatter the cherries in the dish and pour the batter over it.
Preheat oven to 180C/350 F/Gas 4.Bake for 20-25 minutes till batter is firm to touch and knife inserted in the centre comes out clean. If the centre is soft bake for 5 minutes more
Remove from oven and allow to cool.
For Vanilla whipped cream
Whisk together the cream, sugar and vanilla essence to soft peaks for the vanilla whipped cream

Serve the clafoutis warm with a large dollop of vanilla whipped cream.

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