Monday, April 2, 2012


This is my first post. My first recipe. My first offering to Lord Ganesha and Guruvayoorappan. I wanted to make something simple, sweet and classy. What would it be? I thought and thought and thought….Kesari or Sheera is a good choice. I could already feel the aroma of roasted semolina wafting in the air… the taste of a spoonful ghee dripping Sheera decorated with nuts and kismis…That tickled my taste buds….Yes! This is it. Off I went to the Kitchen…

I knew I had a long day in front of me. First I had to make my Sheera,then the photo session and the written matter. So I ecstatically began cooking. It was over in minutes. Nice and fast.

Now to click away the snaps..Rema cheriamma(Cheriamma is aunt in Malayalam) and Aniyan Mama(Uncle) had come over today. My Aunt is a teacher at a school here. Besides being a wonderful teacher my aunt is a bundle of creative ideas. She writes well ,paints even better. She was the mastermind behind all my novel, laborious projects in school. Like always I shared my thoughts about this blogging expedition with her. Even she was fascinated ,like me..So the whole day we connived and put our heads together…Should we click from this angle? Should we do this? Or that? My mother had a tough time running behind naughty little Aniket,My sonny. Nobody could blame him, he was doing his lil bit..Trying to pull this and that, messing up what we had arranged.
Photography was never my cup of tea. Last year my husband Satish bought me a camera so that I could send him snaps of  Aniket. The only thing I did with my camera was to religiously take some snaps of my kid to send it to his father in London. But now with blogging I’ll enjoy discovering this  Camera person in me . Yes! The shutterbug bit me .I knew it. I picked up my camera confidently ,focused  and  went Click  click and click

Then I had to write my blog..And I was falling short of time. It’s not easy managing a 1 year old and then I had these other chores to do. So I waited till Aniket fell off asleep and I slowly tiptoed to the computer. I jotted down what I had to write, made a draft and finally posted the blog.Phew! Blogging is not easy…It involves some time, a lot of thought and hard work too...Then I re-read my blog. I sat back and smiled. Now I had  stepped in to the Blogging World!


1 cup Semolina (Rava, sooji)-1 cup
Water-2 cups
Ghee-4-8 tbsp
Cardamom powder-1/4 tsp
Saffron-A pinch 
Food coloring-A few drops (optional)
Flavor essence like pineapple, mango, rose etc- A few drops (optional)
Nuts and Kismis


In a skillet heat the ghee and roast the cashews and kismis until brown. Remove and keep aside. Roast semolina in ghee(4-8 tbsp) in low flame for 2-3 minutes. Take water pour into the skillet and bring to boil.Add water to  semolina slowly.Add colour mixing it with a few drops of water.Keep stirring till semolina gets cooked and leaves sides of pan.It should not stick to the pan and should come out as one mass.Now grind sugar and add evenly.Keep stirring till it become like thick pudding.You may dissolve saffron in few drops of hot milk. Now add  nuts,kismis ,essence along with saffron.

Verdict: I served my guests  Sheera in small copper bowls topped with fried nuts and kismis .I ate my spoonful and looked at the others. Did it taste good? When I saw The “out of the world” look on their faces I knew I’d done my Magic!

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